Pastor R.L. Crochett, Sr.

As a member of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church, Elder Robert Crochett knows the importance of a spirit filled life, dedication, commitment, and the perseverance it takes to be a leader.

Pastor Robert Crochet is the husband of Evangelist Cynthia Crochet for more than 30 years. Through their God directed marriage they were blessed with five children: Cameron Sr., Christy, Robert Jr., Alicia and Roderick. He is also the grandfather of Charity and Cameron Jr.  Pastor Crochet is the son of Louis Crochet and Ruby Jones and the Spiritual son of Pastor Emeritus Corine Jimerson. Elder Crochet loves his immediate and church family.  He believes the family is the foundation of the church.

Elder Crochet has been with the Christy Holy Sanctified Church for more than 25 years.  He served as the Assistant Pastor ofMt.Zionfor twenty-five years. He is now the current Pastor of the church.  He was saved and filled with the Holyghost at the age of 19. He has lived a life of holiness and continues to follow God.  His ministry reaches the young and the old. Elder Crochet is devoted to the call of God.

Elder Crochett has a vision and a calling to be a humble leader.  The Bible says:  Without a vision the people perish.”  He has served in several offices in Christ Holy Sanctified Church.  With Direction from God, his Pastor and State Bishop he has served as a local Youth Director, District Sunday School Director, Texas North State Sunday School Director, Federated Youth Congress President, District H.Y.P.B.S. Director, Man to Man Ministry, former director of the U. S. King Theological Seminary, former National Sunday School Director. Pastor Crochet serves on the Board of Administration for the National Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America Inc. He is also the President of the Pastor’s Council has not only served in these offices faithfully but he also helped organize “Marriage Mechanics Ministry” in 1994. God has anointed them to minister, pray, and counsel couples from all areas.  He loves the Christ Holy Sanctified Church and desires to stay committed.

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Pastor Emeritus Corine Jimerson


First Lady Cynthia Crochett

Pastor R.L. Crochett, Sr.