First Lady Cynthia Crochett

Evangelist Crochett, A woman of integrity, character and anointing.  She is the 1stlady of Mount Zion Christ Holy Sanctified Church, in Forest Hill, Texas.  She is saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and fire.  Her labor of love to her family and church family is tremendously shown on a daily basis.  God has anointed her to be an evangelist, prophetess, teacher, woman of excellence, musician, counselor, prayer warrior and a true example.

She received her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Texas, in Denton and also a Teacher’s Degree. She is currently a fourth grade teacher at Glen Park Elementary, where she continues to impact other teachers and young people each year.

As Mount Zion Christ Holy Sanctified Church began to grow; many souls were added to the church because of the labor and hard work of Pastor and Evangelist Crochett. There was never a time when she did not want to pray for the saints.  Sometimes she would go to the homes of some of the members to pray with them and their families.  She is a spiritual “bounty hunter for the Jesus.”

As an evangelist, She has preached in Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, California, Washington DC, Washington state, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, and through out Texas. People have been healed, saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in her ministry. Just to name a few, Mother Branch, Mother Higgins, Bro. and Sis. Malone, Ralph Williams was called to the ministry, Cameron Wafer, hundreds of souls from Cartridge, TX.

As a Musician, Evangelist Crochett has played the organ over 37 years. At 16 years of age she was the head musician of her home church.  She has played faithfully locally, in the district, state, national and throughout the country. She has also taught other musicians to be the best that they can be.

As a Counselor, she is truly called to be a peace maker and instruct young and old to reach their goals and follow God.  She assists her husband, with the Marriage Mechanics Ministry.  God has given her the ability to communicate and help bring marriages and families together. She also enjoys seeing the people of God looking and feeling healthy.

1st lady… definitely a prayer warrior.  Prayer is her life…..for the past six months or more, she has lived, breathed, and spoke faith to herself and her mother, Evangelist Corine Jimerson, Founder.  She has sacrificed her life for her mother at this time.  God has allowed her to go through with victory and power. With faith, prayer and fasting, Evangelist Crochett has endured hardness as a good soldier.  She feels that prayer is the foundation for all believers. She prays for her family and this ministry everyday.

Since, Evangelist Crochett was young she was destined for greatness.  God knew she would be a soul-winner, mother, musician, preacher, counselor and a true servant of his.  If you know her personally, you know she will pray for you at any moment, anywhere. She loves to see the people of God saved, filled with the holy host and living a clean life.

She is also the loving wife of Pastor Robert Crochett Sr., mother of four Minister Christy Wafer (Elder Cameron), Robert Jr, Alicia, and Roderick.  She is the grandmother of Charity and Cameron Jr.

We Salute the 1st lady of this church………Evangelist Cynthia Crochett!!!!

Our Leadership

Pastor Emeritus Corine Jimerson


First Lady Cynthia Crochett

Pastor R.L. Crochett, Sr.